Our strength: German quality at Chinese prices! A. Stapperfenne, Chief Executive Officer

MANDA METAL, with its headquarters in China, offers German, Austrian and European buyers and businesses the best quality and highest reliability at Chinese prices.

The company is a 100% WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) and thus fully owned by its German management. Our management has been successfully active in the Chinese market since 1997. Meanwhile MANDA METAL employs more than 70 employees working on 4,000 m² production area. Steady expansion of our production, continuous training of our employees and our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification guarantees high-quality fittings for the furniture industry as well as superior and refined machining parts according to German quality standards.

MANDA METAL offers in their own facilities the entire range of metal processing according to your drawings and specifications. Polishing, brushing, grinding, turning, welding, punching, milling, all surface treatments, special precision turning, production of the necessary tools, production of customized stainless steel parts, injection molding and die casting as well as the final assembly of complete assemblies.


  German management, active in China since 1997
  DIN EN ISO 9001 certified production processes
  English speaking customer service, committed to your satisfaction
  Utmost flexibility to achieve your requirements
  No financial risks
  Supervision of all production processes
  Seemless and reliable quality control
  High-end products
  Low production costs = great competitive advantage
  Production according to European standards
  Timely order processing and delivery
  Own import and export company in Hong Kong

Please send us your inquiries with samples and/or drawings. We will send you an offer. In general, we manufacture all products ourselves in our own MANDA METAL facilities. On the occasion of being in need of third-party suppliers, we are using suitable and equally reliable partners that match our own high quality standards. We are happy to convince you with a free sample delivery of our quality products.